Hammerfast and Beyond

Into the Keep... and then right back out

Party met for first time.

Found a keep that was inset into a mountain and decided, keeping with the spirit of adventure to enter. They are met by a human and a drake who after realizing the parties intention of entering the door which they were specifically told to guard commenced a frontal attack. The players numbering four to teo easily dispatched the human sending his soul to the Shadowfell and securing their rights to the door. Upon entering they found themselves in a large ruined entrance hall nearly 100 ft long and 40 ft wide, it was big. The roof was supported by several large pillars. Two of the have crumbled away into piles of rubble. However the area looked cleaned and there was a huge pit fire in the center. Surrounding it were a few halflings gnomes and two humans. After some failed parley the two groups clashed, and the player characters seemed as though they might lose.


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